Stop Your Analytics Data Being Messed
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Klokka keeps your analytics reporting highly accurate by preventing it being skewed by irrelevant traffic.

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Accurate Analytics

Your colleagues can view and add meeting notes just like a shared document.

Auto IP Address Updates

Klokka automatically identifies and updates your users filtered IP addresses.

HubSpot Integration

Block all internal traffic from skewing your web analytics, email opens and link clicks.

Chrome Extension

Use the Klokka Chrome extension to easily block your IP addresses across platforms.

Central Access Portal

Manage your list of filtered users from a single and secure dashboard portal.

Windows & Android

Apps available now for Windows and Android. MacOS and iOS are coming soon!

User Data Encryption

All user data including IPs are encrypted to the highest security standards.

Import Users

Import users directly from either Microsoft Office365 or Google Workspace instantly.

Platform Integrations

Integrations with Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Pendo etc will be coming soon.

Get Rid Of The Rubbish Stats From Your Analytics Easily!

You Can Only Successfully Manage What You Can Measure Right?

So, isn’t it damn frustrating to discover that 90% of your reported website visits for the day were from your own web developer or SEO team making updates on your website?

Or… how demoralising is it after launching a new campaign you then discover that those high engagement metrics that got you so excited were actually your own team members checking out the company’s latest promotion?

Well, now you can capture and block the IP addresses of these users across all different devices (including mobile) easily and ensure that you never have to deal with this issue again.



Of Organisations State Their Current Filtered IP Address Records Aren't Up To Date



Of A Website's Total Lifetime Traffic On Average Is From Internal Users & Irrelevant Visitors


1 Hour

The Average Business Spends At Least One Hour Per Month Filtering Their Irrelevant Traffic

Your Filtered IP Addresses Updated In Real Time!

Klokka works by associating a user with their device/s and the corresponding IP addresses that those devices have been assigned. Klokka then continuously monitors and identifies when any of those IP addresses change.

It then updates the blocked IP address for that user’s particular device to effectively and continuously filter out any online activity within your digital spaces such as visiting your website, opening campaign emails or clicking on tracked links from skewing data in your analytics tools.

No more having to manually update all the individual IP addresses your team members have in all your different marketing and analytical tools. Klokka does it for you… even when users IP addresses change.


  • Online activity from users that are irrelevant to performance metrics (website traffic, email campaigns and link clicks) makes data inaccurate in tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Pardot etc.
  • Whilst most software platforms have IP filtering functionality for analytics, the manual process of collating, entering and updating them into each tool is time consuming, tedious and never ending.
  • In most cases, IP addresses are subject to change, particularly on mobile devices. This means the IP's you have filtered out of your analytics today could be different tomorrow, rendering your filtering no longer effective.


  • Klokka helps businesses by providing a safe and secure vault for you to invite any user (internal & external) to join so they can be easily updated and maintained on the company’s list of filtered IP addresses.
  • Klokka’s apps detect when a user’s device (mobile & desktop) IP address changes and securely updates your company IP filtering list and populates it across the different analytics platforms your business utilises.
  • This removes the need for any manual updating of the business’s IP filter list or having to manually duplicate it in each different platform every time a user’s IP address changes.

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